Thursday, January 12, 2017

4 Starter Packs to Learn Bass

The bass guitar is a crucial, but often underestimated, instrument in many genres or music. It provides the rhythmic floor of a song, and can be extremely reward to learn and play in a band. If you’ve ever considered learning bass guitar, there are a few low price packages available that provide basically everything you need to get started, without the hassle of purchasing all your equipment separately.

Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package

If you’re on a tight budget to purchase a bass guitar, you should consider the Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package.This package features the Silvertone Revolver bass which has a split P pickup, as well as volume and tone controls. The bass has a bolt on neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and the body is a double cutaway that comes in black, sunburst, or cobalt blue.

The Silvertone package also includes the BAXs bass amp, which is a 10-watt bass amp with a 4 band equalizer (high mid, low mid, low, high) to dial in your tone. There is also a headphone output for practicing quietly, but you’ll want a decent set of headphones to be able to use with properly due to all the low frequencies. There is no gain control on this amp, but this isn’t typical of bass amps.

There are also a few accessories included with this starter pack. There is a strap, picks, and instrument cable, which is commonly included in most packages. Many bass players choose not to play with picks, and we would recommend learning proper technique without them right away, especially if you already know how to play a 6 string guitar. It also includes a tuner, but it’s not a clip on so it requires the bass to be plugged in with the instrument cable. This package also comes with an instructional DVD that includes lessons to help the basic of playing bass.

Dean Starter Bass Pack with Edge 09 Bass

The Dean Edge 09 Bass and Amp pack is another good option for someone looking to learn bass. The Dean Edge 09 bass has a soapbar pickup with a volume and tone control. The body is made of basswood, which is a decent tonewood. One advantage of a basswood body is its light weight, so they’re easy to play comfortably for extended periods of time. This bass comes in either metallic red or black, and features a bolt on maple neck with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard. The neck joint is asymmetrical, which allows for better access to the higher frets, though not a lot of bass players typically play in this area.

The Dean bass package comes with a 10-watt amp with controls for eq, volume and presence. There is also a headphone output. There are also picks, an instrument cable, gig bag, tuner and strap included as well.

Ibanez IJXB150B Jumpstart Bass Package

One of the better bass starter packs is the Ibanez IJXB150B Jumpstart Bass Package. The bass in this package is an Ibanez GS190, which has a P-bass style and Jazz bass style pickup. The individual pickups are controlled by separate volume knobs and there is a tone control for the output. This bass features a bolt on neck with a 22 fret rosewood fretboard.

This package comes with a 10-watt practice amp, but it doesn’t have as many eq controls as some of the other options. There is also an included tuner, accessory bad, gig bag, instrument cable and strap. One advantage of this package is it includes a set of headphones to plug into the amp, as well as a stand to keep the bass on when you’re not playing. There’s basically everything you could need to get started in this package, aside from picks which not all bass players like to use anyways.

Squier Affinity Series Jazz Bass Pack with Fender Rumble 15W Bass Combo Amp

One of the best quality bass starter packs is the Squier J Bass Guitar Pack. The Affinity Jazz bass has a alder body with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. This package is available in either black or brown sunburst for the finish on the bass. There are two single coil Jazz bass pickups with a separate volume control for each of them, allowing for a lot of different tone combinations.

The affinity jazz bass package comes with the Fender Rumble 15 bass amp. This amp has a volume control and three band eq. There is also an auxiliary input to play along with music and a headphone output for quiet practicing.

There are a few accessories included. With this package you’ll get a gig bag, strap, tuner, and instrument cable to get started.

Learning bass can be a fun and rewarding experience. By purchasing a bass starter pack, you can learn to play bass without having to worry about choosing all the individual equipment separately.

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